A Holistic Approach to Mediating Marital Discord

A Holistic Approach to Mediating Marital Discord

Ishaan Deepak Joshi, Law Student, MIT WPU Faculty of Law.


Marital disagreements, whether obvious or more nuanced, pose a significant threat to the foundation of partnerships. This article examines the intricacies, deciphering both apparent and concealed elements. In addition to verbal communication, disagreements elicit physiological reactions. By integrating theory and practice, we investigate the ways in which insights might improve the mediation process, which is a vital component of resolving conflicts within a marriage. Mindfulness and emotional intelligence influence how individuals respond and affect the overall dynamics of relationships. This article examines the present methods used to resolve marital conflicts and emphasizes the need for new, compassionate approaches to mediation. Through the integration of mediation techniques and psychology, we can facilitate the development of tailored approaches for couples.


Marital dynamics, Conflict Resolution, Relationship Insights, Emotional Responses, Mediation Strategies


In the intricate domain of marital relationships, conflicts emerge as an inevitable facet, challenging the fabric of shared lives. This article delves into the nuanced dimensions of marital conflicts, aiming to unravel their impact on individuals and the dynamics of partnerships. Through a comprehensive exploration, we seek to understand not only the visible manifestations of discord but also the subtle interplay of physiological responses and personality traits that underscore the intricacies of conflict resolution. Within the realm of intimate relationships, conflicts often extend beyond verbal exchanges, manifesting in physiological responses that elude conventional observation. Simultaneously, we turn our gaze to the profound influence of mindfulness and emotional intelligence, pivotal facets of individuals’ psychological makeup.  These traits not only impact personal responses to conflicts but also play a crucial role in shaping the overall trajectory of relationship dynamics.


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