December 1, 2022

About the Journal

Name of the Journal: International Journal of Human Right Law Review

Peer Review Process: Double–Blind Peer Review Process

Frequency of Publication: Bimonthly [6 issues per year]

Languages: English

Accessibility: Open Access

The International Journal of Human Right Law Review is an online, bimonthly, double-blinded peer-reviewed referred to as the IJHRLR with an interdisciplinary approach. The Journal intends to provide a platform to all our legal community to publish their work on some of the important and various areas of law related to Human Rights. The platform focuses on the interdisciplinary approach for the publication of research work. It is a method to be followed in facilitating academic contributions by various members of the academia, practitioners, students and researchers for an integrated advancement and development of law. Through the platform, the Journal aims at fostering legal minds and encouraging the exchange of ideas and consequent research on contemporaneous arenas of the legal sphere.