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The International Journal of Human Rights Law Review (IJHRLR) is a publication that aims to promote the exchange of knowledge and ideas on various issues in human rights law. The journal publishes short pieces on international and domestic human rights law topics, providing a space for academics and experts to share their opinions and insights on emerging issues in the field. The IJHRLR is an online, bimonthly, double-blinded peer-reviewed referred journal with an interdisciplinary approach. The Journal intends to provide a platform to all our legal community to publish their work on some of the important and various areas of law related to Human Rights. The platform focuses on the interdisciplinary approach for the publication of research work. It is a method to be followed in facilitating academic contributions by various members of the academia, practitioners, students and researchers for an integrated advancement and development of law. Through the platform, the Journal aims at fostering legal minds and encouraging the exchange of ideas and consequent research on contemporaneous arenas of the legal sphere.

Name of the Journal: International Journal of Human Rights Law Review

ISSN: 2583-7095

Peer Review Process: Double–Blind Peer Review Process

Frequency of Publication: Bimonthly [6 issues per year]

Languages: English

Accessibility: Open Access

Starting Year– 2022

Subject– Law

Publisher– Mr. Piyush Kumar Jalan

Chief Editor– Dr. S. Krishnan

Joint Chief Editor– Dr. Alexandra Fowler

Copyright– International Journal of Human Rights Law Review

Publication Format– Online

Mobile No.- +917595828909

Email– piyushjalan.jalan43@gmail.com


Address: C/o Sharwan Kumar Jalan, Lal Bazar, Near Shyam Mandir, Amtal Dhanbad, Jharkhand-828111

The journal’s main objective is to explore various areas of human rights law by identifying niche issues and fostering academic discussions on them. This objective is achieved through publishing short pieces that provide insights into the latest developments in human rights law and analysis of key legal and policy issues. The IJHRLR provides a professional environment that motivates experts in the field of law and social sciences to participate in debates on important issues. Through the journal, readers can engage in discussions and debates on human rights issues, which can further enrich their knowledge and understanding of the topic. The ideas presented in the journal are intended to inspire greater research in the field of human rights law.

It is important to note that the views expressed in the research/ case comments/ book reviews are those of the authors alone. The journal provides a platform for the expression of diverse perspectives and opinions on human rights issues. Readers are encouraged to critically engage with the content presented and draw their own conclusions based on the available evidence and analysis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Human Rights

The International Journal of Human Rights Law Review is a scholarly legal publication that focuses on national and international human rights law. The journal publishes long and short articles, book reviews, and case comments that contribute to the understanding and development of human rights law at the international, regional, and domestic levels.

Authors can submit their articles through the online submission system on the journal’s website. The submission should be in Microsoft Word format and should follow the guidelines provided by the journal. The submission will then be reviewed by the editorial board, and the author will be notified of the outcome of the review.

The journal publishes long and short articles, book reviews, and case comments that contribute to the understanding and development of human rights law. Articles can be doctrinal or theoretical and can address issues related to international, regional, or domestic human rights law. The journal also welcomes interdisciplinary articles that combine legal analysis with insights from other fields.

The time it takes for an article to be published in the journal depends on several factors, including the length and complexity of the article, the quality of the writing, and the volume of submissions received by the journal. Generally, authors can expect the review process to take several months, and publication can take up to a year after acceptance.

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