August 8, 2022

About Us

Human Right Law Review publishes short pieces on issues in international and domestic human rights law. Human Rights Law and Policy Review is an initiative by the academicians of Amity Law School, Amity University, Kolkata.

Through this platform, we desire to provide a space for exchange of knowledge and innovative ideas on the brewing issues concerning Human Rights law in reference to various laws through which every individual has to pass by in there day to day life. The ultimate objective is to explore the areas of Human Rights law by identifying the niche issues and fostering academic discussions on the same.

The HRLR blog assures to keep a professional environment which will motivate for maintaining a great involvement of experts in the field of both law and the social sciences, the blog will witness intense debates on important issues. We also hope that the ideas contained in the posts will inspire others to undertake greater research in these areas. The views expressed in this blog, however, are those of the authors alone.