December 1, 2022
Coitus as Profession

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Coitus as Profession

Discrimination against professionals whose survival, in life, is dependent on coitus as their profession. The employed professionals never got their dignity of living in society until the Honorable Supreme court passed an order on May 19, 2022, that adult coitus professionals are entitled to dignity and equal protection under the law. This implies that the judiciary contributed to the welfare of the professionals.

The question arrives when we see a thing from the grassroots level. As a society, do we have the audacity to explain to our immediate folks, see there is a profession in our society whose work is to contribute their significant time of life towards helping an individual satisfy their biological needs?

The reason to add a question is that you at least think because before performing a task its important that you initially think over it. No two individual professions can match each other at any point in time, this is the major reason that if professions cant match each other than every professional must have their dignity of life irrespective of societal wrong.

Education can amend legal laws for professionals involved in coitus but no education can amend societal wrongs to societal rights. The reason for this bitter truth is societal norms have their roots in ancient India and legal laws bring their roots from the Constitution of India, a document which is a living one and which keeps our society as one irrespective of anything.

In consideration of the bitter truth, we should not forget that we are part of society and society is made up of collective people who are well civilized. Well, a civilized person can write, think and understand what is right and wrong in a humanistic manner. But still, when it comes to professionals involved in coitus, we see them as non-human bodies and disrespect them in society.

When we happily accept the professionals involved in coitus, post the acceptance they will have a better set of life which will give them quality education and the education will act as a guiding tool to the professionals on understanding what has to be done and what is not to be done in their profession. Education will not just let them understand what is right and wrong but it will also act as a guiding tool towards having life under fundamental rights, a right which will bring them back to the society with dignity and equality.

Now the government must make this profession look like a respective one not just respective but they should give the working rights to those professionals so that in the biggest democracy the professional coitus workers can have their life back and they can live their life normally as the other professional people are living in the society.

Therefore, lets give them the freedom to live their lives as humans. Lets support the government to bring back the safety of the professionals and people taking their service. Let, they understand just like service takers, service givers are also human and lets treat them in the best possible way.

Authored By

Afaq Chogle

Legal Executive - Asus India & Asus Technology 

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