Globalization and its Impact on Human Rights

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Globalization and its Impact on Human Rights

Swathi K. Hosamani[1] and Shravani K. Hosamani[2]


The present study explores the nuanced interaction of globalization and human rights. Globalization has significantly transformed political, cultural and economic rights, resulting in various dynamic results that have implications for different human rights dimensions. This study aims to examine the diverse impacts of globalization on human rights in the world and in India, focusing specifically on social, cultural, economic and political rights. Globalization has undeniably played a significant role in fostering considerable economic expansion in India, thereby creating avenues for millions of individuals to access various opportunities. However, the inequalities in the distribution of wealth, labour rights, as well as access to essential services also highlight the inherent difficulties associated with globalisation. Moreover, the increasing penetration of Western influences and the presence of global corporations give rise to significant inquiries regarding the safeguarding of India’s abundant cultural heritage and native traditions. This study examines the influence of globalization in the 21st century on various aspects of human rights, including worker’s rights, ecological sustainability, cultural preservation and healthcare accessibility. The role of the judiciary in interpreting unenumerated rights, aligning them with international human rights norms and enshrining them as fundamental rights within the Indian Constitution is a pivotal focus. In the context of an ever-evolving globalized world, it becomes imperative to strike a delicate equilibrium between the opportunities it presents and the imperative to safeguard human rights. This study emphasises the necessity of adopting a comprehensive and nuanced strategy that optimises the advantages of globalisation while simultaneously protecting human rights, maintaining cultural diversity, and ensuring the preservation of individual freedoms. By effectively tackling these challenges, India can effectively harness the benefits of globalization while simultaneously safeguarding the fundamental rights and dignity of all its citizens.


Globalization, human rights, healthcare accessibility, worker’s right, unenumerated rights

[1] LL.M. Student, OP Jindal Global University, Sonipat

[2] Law Student, 2nd Year, JSS Law College (Autonoums), Mysore

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