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Publish Your Research Paper in 72 Hours | IJHRLR Law Journal

The International Journal of Human Rights Law Review (IJHRLR) ISSN (2583-7095) provides a platform for academics and experts to exchange knowledge and ideas on emerging issues in human rights law, both domestically and internationally. By exploring niche topics and fostering academic discussions, our aim is to increase understanding and awareness of human rights law and its impact on daily life.

We strive to maintain a professional environment that encourages engagement from experts in the fields of law and social sciences. Through intense debates on important issues, we hope to inspire further research in these areas. It is important to note that the views expressed in our publication are solely those of the authors.

Publish Your Research Paper in 72 Hours | IJHRLR Law Journal

The IJHRLR Journal Calls for Contributions from Diverse Voices in the Legal Community

Accepted Submissions Format!

Long Articles (5000-10000 words)

This category requires a thorough and in-depth exploration of a particular topic, incorporating current practices and identifying areas where further research is needed.

Short Articles (2500-5000 words)

Essays or short articles are typically more succinct in nature, with a focused approach towards a specific issue, and present new perspectives or critical insights on the topic.

Case Notes and Legislative Comments

This category is dedicated to the examination of recent judicial rulings, legislative actions, or proposed policies. Notes and Comments should analyze the relevant case law and discuss the implications of the decision on the evolution of that particular area of law. Word Limit - (1200-2500 words)

1 Day

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Editorial Process

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