Issue 5 (Sept-Oct) 2023

Juvenile Security rather than Detention

Page: 01-18

Baljinder Kaur & Muskan Mittal

An Empirical Study on Juvenile Delinquency in Accordance with Maternal Deprivation

Page: 19-54

Jaisri Y. R.

A Comprehensive Analysis of Business Ethics and Labour Unionization

Page: 55-100

Ishaan Deepak Joshi

Refugee Policy in India: International Law and Domestic Law in India – In the Light of the Rohingya Crisis in Myanmar

Page: 101-112

Aparajita Bhowmick

Ancient and Modern Forms of Hindu Marriage: An Analytical Study

Page: 113-124

Dr. Hina Gupta

Mass Imprisonment as a Human Rights Issue in Brazil

Page: 125-142

Mariana Pabis Balan and Murilo Basso

The Right to Asylum: Evaluating International Human Rights Laws in Protecting the Rights of Refugees

Page: 143-153

Amirah Rizvi and Aman Rizvi

The Judicial Response To Human Rights In India: Upholding Dignity And Ensuring Justice

Page: 154-171

Mohd Hammaad Siddiqui and Sheheen Marakkar

The Influence of Advancing Technologies on Human Rights

Page: 172-187

Kritika Sunil Sharma

India’s Repressive Regime in Kashmir: An Analysis of the AFSPA

Page: 188-196

Diya Kotak

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