Issue 6 (Nov-Dec) 2023

Unveiling Shadows of Power: Examining International Crime Accountability in the Wake of Conflict – A Study of US War Crimes Post-1991

Page: 01-25

Dr. Zaid Mustafa Alvi and Dr. Sana Haider

Ensuring Equity and Dignity: Exploring Human Rights in Public Health

Page: 26-40

Laxmi Priya Soni

Religious Freedom and Women’s Rights: Investigating the intersection of religious belief and equality in different cultural settings

Page: 41-60

Shermi Adams. B and Geyolin Selvam. S

Breaking the Chain: CEDAW’s Role in Women’s Empowerment

Page: 61-83

Smirtha G and Madhumitha S

Genocide: An Inhumane Crime Against Mankind and the UN Genocide Convention

Page: 84-104

S. Nivedha

Pandemic Shadows: Revisiting the Need of Women’s Rights against Violence in India

Page: 105-125

Shabih Fatima and Mohd Ayan

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